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"We're glad to use the Smart Science® labs for our AP courses because of their sophisticated model for investigations, including all-important hypotheses formulation. We're especially pleased that students are required to gather data that isn't inherently 'clean' by being canned in advance. And the support from the Smart Science® team couldn't be better."

Dr. David Pelizzari, Senior Director, K12 Inc.

"I am very impressed with the product that Smart Science® Labs offers - solid science concepts, real world application of content, and science processing skills.  The ability of the students to manipulate variables, collect data and create a digital lab report not only increases science processing but also contributes to their digital literacy."

Ann Wallenmeyer, K-12 Science Curriculum Facilitator, Springfield Public Schools, MO

"Smart Science® labs have been in our school for 3 years now and at first we were a bit skeptical about how virtual labs could help our middle school students get better at doing science.  We took the risk and fully implemented this learning tool for all our students with excellent support from the Smart Science® team.  Last year we had for the first time ever in the history of our school above a 50% proficiency in science on the state middle school science exam.  This was a huge win for our historically underserved school in the south Bronx."

Middle School Assistant Principal, Bronx, NY

"You have to teach science online, or you’re not allowed to have students share equipment, or you don’t have the equipment for particular labs. Smart Science is an awesome alternative! Unlike other online labs where students can “trick” the computer/program to give them the correct answers and data, smart science makes the students THINK and explain what took place in their online lab and what they measured. Smart Science requires students to actively participate; explore and explain science phenomena, and propose further science delving if the student desires. Smart Science Labs allow students to connect to solid scientific standards while in or out of the classroom. If you need an online alternative to hands-on labs, I highly recommend Smart Science."

Anita Morton, Biology, Applied Biology, Advanced Biology, A&P and Physics Teacher,
Parkway High School; Rockford, OH

"My students have very little access to physical science lab equipment, and many of the virtual labs I saw did not show the students real science or make them doing science method during their simulations.  Then we tried Smart Science® labs 30 day trial.  It was really wonderful the way students could do hands-on style labs online and learned to test hypotheses and solve problems."

Science Teacher, McKinney ISD
Alternative Education Campus