Virtual Science Labs

Pre-quiz, differentiated reading, writing and math for grades 3-12,  and a hypothesis selection that helps students understand how to do science  

Student measures their own data from interactive experiment videos - hands on measurements create a powerful STEM resource by testing hypotheses.

Assessment for knowledge gained with built-in, online lab reports that are easy to write and grade

Online Science Labs & Virtual Science Classroom FAQ

Can you perform science labs online?

Yes, Smart Science virtual science labs allows students and their teachers to do science labs online. The virtual labs are done remotely by students or in classes with internet access. Virtual science labs allow students to see experiments be performed that they may not otherwise be able to do.

What is a virtual science lab?

Virtual science labs use videos, images, and text and interactive elements to provide science lessons taught by real science teachers. Smart Science is accessible by anyone with an internet connection and a web browser.

How do you teach science virtually?

Students access Smart Science Labs' online platform using a web browser to study lessons and take quizzes. Teachers can track students' progress and assignments through the Smart Science dashboard.

What grades are taught in virtual science labs?

Smart Science Labs offer science curricula for Elementary, Middle, and High School as well as Higher Ed and AP.